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Kitchen Garden Here We Grow Planting Event

Hands on plants and dirt help kids learn about where their food comes from.

Here We Grow - Farm Fresh - You can eat what you Grow

Optimist Club members in cooperation with Brooklin Horticultural Society.

You don't need a farm to be a farmer!

The program is designed for school aged children and their families. Join us as we partner with various local experts and businesses for crafts and activities in an effort to learn more about self sustainability and growing and raising your own food.

________________________________________ COST

$3.50 general admission (babes in arms are free). All of the money raised goes back into the Optimist Club and helps with all the events we do as "Friends of Youth" in Brooklin.

The Optimist Club members provide these events to fulfill our motto of "Friends of Youth".


You are welcome to take photos of yourself and your family (there will be plenty of great opportunities for capturing memories so please remember your camera).

Registrants of the Optimist Club of Brooklin's Here We Grow event will be assumed to have provided permission for photos containing your image/likeness to be used for publicity or general information purposes including publication on the Brooklin Optimist website or Facebook page (which may be seen by the general public unless otherwise stated). The Optimist Club of Brooklin will not seek any further permission nor provide any notification before using such photos.


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Saturday May 2020

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